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The French amateur builders prefer to build French!

Designers (and their family of machine) with more than 4 aircrafts registered in the register of GSAC in 1999 (this ranking does not take into account the total number of aircraft built - and disappeared- ni the ULM difficult to inventory ...)

Delemontez F 489 Rand USA 9
Pottier F 107 Stern F 9
Piel F 100 Vans USA 8
Rutan USA 83 War USA 8
Colomban F 82 Murphy C 8
Jurca F 52 Adam F 7
Nicollier F 52 Marie F 7
Avid aircraft USA 52 Pulsar USA 7
Dyn'Aéro F 39 Mauboussin F 6
Brugger CH 33 Mudry F 6
Druine F 33 Europa GB 6
Heintz C 25 Stoddart USA 6
Croses F 22 Neico USA 6
Lucas F 17 Brandli CH 5
Viking aircraft USA 17 Brochet F 5
Evans USA 13 Cassut USA 5
Mignet F 12 Coupé F 5
Pena F 11 CQR F 5
Stolp USA 11 Piper USA 5
Gardan F 10 Tech'Aéro F 5
Starck F 10      

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