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Cylindrical wing tip with helical slot

Abstract : The invention concerns a device having the shape of a spiral and/or helical slot cylindrical cavity for reducing induced drag, tip vortex and to increase lift-drag ratio.

The device securely fixed to the wing tip or securely articulated to said wing tip, can be adapted to all profiles, in particular to aeroplane wings, to gliders, to helicopter blades and to driving, pusher or propelled airscrew tips such as wind turbine blades or for craft such as boats or submarines using lift or steering in their three-axis movement, vertical, horizontal and yawing.
For existing raters of efficiency, the invention enables the use of low traction systems, longer and faster trips while consuming less energy or while producing more as with wind turbines for example, the use of greater loads, the increase and approach of aerodrome or airport transist/landing/take-off traffic more safely.

When used in inverse (active surface/passive surface) on high-speed land vehicles or racing cars, said device fixed to each wing tip, produces a result inversely proportional to its speed. The faster the vehicle runs the less drag it produces and the more it adheres to the ground.

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