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Induced drag at takeoff, climb and cruise:
Takeoff: 70-80%
Initial climb: 30 to 40%
Cruise: 30 to 40%

Reminder price and weight / density Jet A1:
Density of Jet A1 : 0.80 kg per liter or 1250 liter / tonne
Wholesale price tonnage: 1.12 F 1400 F per liter or per tonne

Sources figures in 1997 ICAO, IATA, AIRBUS INDUSTRIE:
Departures transport aircraft (passengers, freight, mail):
25 million
Departures transport charter aircraft :
5 milllion

Consumption of a A340 - 300 AIRBUS of 271 T takeoff. In initial climb and in cruise:
Takeoff, rotation up to 1500 feets: 2.2 T
Initial climb of 1500 to 31,000 feets: 5.8 T
Cruise: 1 T per 70 Nm

This represents approximately 108 tons of kerosene for a journey of 7,000 Nm

Economic Overview of the World fleet

Taking as an example the Airbus A340-300 on a journey of 7,000 Nm (figures provided by AIRBUS INDUSTRIE Toulouse) the consumption, into configuration, of this aircraft is:
Takeoff (rotation up to 1500 feets): 2.2 T
Climb (1500 feets at FL 310): 5.8 T
Cruise (1 ton for 70 Nm at FL 310): 100T
Total consumption for 7.000 Nm : 108 T

The average consumption / year of AIR FRANCE is 5.70 tons per flight. This figure is passed on the 25 million departures and gives :
5.70 Tonnes x 25 Million = 142.5 Million Tons.

Not taking into account:
-Military aircraft
- Business Aircraft
-The light aircraft and homebuilt.

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